• Virgin Mary


    Moor Herbs Virgin Mary Formulae restores a woman’s vaginal canal to its younger, firmer, tighter days.

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    Virgin Mary

    Keep in a cool dark place & out of the reach of children.

    Our Moor Herbs “HIGH SCIENCE” Virgin Mary FORMULAE is the best formulae on the market and consisting of the rarest and most exotic female-specific astringent herbs from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand specifically.

    The formulae promotes female vaginal rejuvenation, counters vaginal dryness, repairs prolapse of the vaginal wall, tightens the vaginal muscles, lubricates the vaginal canal; increases sensitivity to the vaginal area leading to heightened sexual pleasure; relieves premenstrual syndrome or PMS and cramps, facilitates post-natal healing, promotes healthier vaginal pH; helps reduce vaginal infection, and returns the uterus and vagina to the non-pregnant size. It also helps to decrease the uterine smooth muscle contraction. The formula is ideal for enhancing sexual pleasure (making the vagina tighter and thus creating much needed friction from stroking and penetrating a tighter vagina, often enhancing sexual satisfaction).

    Not only will the user be healthier down below; with the use of this formula, enjoyment (of a sexual nature) is raised which benefits both a woman and her partner!

    Moor Herbs Virgin Mary Formulae restores a woman’s vaginal canal to its younger, firmer, tighter days.

    Manjakani (Oak Gall), another “women’s best friend” herb that tightens and firms the reproductive organs and restores elasticity to the pelvic region. In addition, it engages with the mucus muscles to restore hydration and boost the body’s natural moisturizing processes. Additionally, it sanitizes the female sex organs to protect them from bacteria that develops in the vaginal area, as well as fights against fungal infections. It works on the mucus muscles.

    Curcuma Comosa is native to much of Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It helps tighten and firms vaginal muscles.

    Kacip Fatimah is a popular herb in Malaysia that has been traditionally used in a number of women’s health applications such as to improve libido, relieve postmenopausal symptoms, and tone and strengthen the vagina (vaginal muscles).

    Pueraria Mirifica is useful for loose vagina. It helps to regenerate the tissues of the female genital region. Additionally, it contains phytoestrogen that help to balance the estrogen levels in the body.

    100% Vegan. No preservatives. No fillers. No binders. No GMO ingredients. Gluten-free. No Soy.

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    60 capsules, 100 capsules