About Us

Visit us Sunday thru Thursday, 12pm to 7pm
16140 West 7 Mile Road, Detroit, Michigan 48235

Moor Herbs was created in March of 2015 and serves as a stepping stone in the age of all natural herbal detoxification cleansing on the market. Our primary mission is “uplifting fallen humanity”, and WE have chosen to assist in the area of Health by educating and assisting with a “transition” into a healthier lifestyle; which is a process.

A real health food store: Serving alkaline water, herbal remedies, grab-n-go healthy comfort food, fresh juices, health consultations, and educational/inspirational community events.  

The Moor Herbs Marketplace is a farmoorcy and deli located in the city of Detroit within the Michigan Republic. The farmoorcy sells ionized alkaline water, an array of herbal formulae (blends), and all natural toiletries & beauty products used for detoxing, healing, and maintaining a healthy body. The deli features moderately priced “healthy comfort” food influenced by all Asiatic cooking traditions from around the world. Our food is carefully prepared with your health and taste buds in mind, offering hot soups, fresh juices, and a variety of grab-and-go meals.

The Moor Herbs Marketplace will also host regular meetings and seminars focused on uplifting fallen humanity.  Our ultimate goal is to uplift our community and our people.  Through education and access to healthy thoughts and food, we aim to help people transition from unhealthy, self-defeating habits to life giving community building habits.

Our Moorish Science Herbalists and moorherbs.com have come to aid “The People” from bodily neglect due to fast-paced, convenient, and cheap ways of living (dying). Our Moor Herbs “High Science Formulae”

Detox’s are safe, sane, and highly effective herbal-based cleansing regimens that detoxify your body from head to toe. It’s a door-opener to rejuvenation, healing, and homeostasis (balance). Moor Herbs “High Science Formulae” Detox’s and regimen put an emphasis on detoxifying the major filtering organs of the body, i.e. the colon, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

Moor Herbs “High Science Formulae” Detox is guaranteed to expel toxic wastes, mucus and mucoidal plaque, old built-up fecal matter deposits, parasites and worms, fluid waste (lactic acid, carbonic acid, and uric acid), and a host of other macabre things and matter that has taken jurisdiction in your body. Safely and effectively cleansing all major eliminative channels and auxiliary organs in the body – cleansing, restoring, rejuvenating, repairing, strengthening, toning, and most importantly healing them.

We also offer a host of Healthy Beauty products.  Made to order to ensure freshness.  These include lotions, deodorants, shaving products, and more.

Sheik Isaiah Orton-Bey, Moorish Scientist / Healer
Webmaster Maria LeMay-Bey, Moorish Scientist / Healer