• Blue Lotus Flower


    10 flowers for $8


    • Tea. To make blue flower lotus tea, add one premade tea bag or 3–5 grams of dried flowers to 1–2 cups (250–500 mL) of hot water. Let steep for 5–10 minutes.
    • Smoking. If you choose to smoke it, roll dried flowers using rolling papers. Just keep in mind that this method may cause significant psychoactive effects and should be used with caution.
    • Vaping. For vaping, finely ground flowers can be added to a vaporizer and inhaled.
    • Alcoholic beverage. Some people infuse wine or alcoholic spirits with the flower. Due to the unknown safety of this, it’s best to avoid it.
    • Massage and essential oil. You can purchase blue lotus flower massage oil or essential oil which can enter the body through the skin or nasal passage. Though unknown at this time, many claim that these forms are less potent.

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