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    Coffee enemas help to remove impacted waste in your colon and stimulates your pancreas to release bile, aiding in the process of clearing your colon.

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    By cleaning your colon, you could lose up to 50 lbs, decrease your appetite, and get more nutrients out of your food and into your bloodstream!!

    Many aren’t fat but may have between 2-25lbs of toxic waste sitting in their colon.
    Cleansing the colon 1-2 times per year is vital to eliminate toxins that cause weight gain and digestive issues like constipation, IBS, and bloating.

    Here is what to do:
    * Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day, making sure to drink approximately 16oz of water juice between meals.
    * Increase your intake of high fiber foods, like raw fruits and vegetables.
    * Reduce or even eliminate processed foods: this includes breakfast cereals, bread, cheese, animal flesh products (bacon, sausage, bologna, pate, etc), cakes, microwave meals, etc.
    * Regular colon flushes! Our finely ground organic coffee grounds come with the instructions you need to properly cleanse your colon, including instructions on how to do a salt water cleanse.

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