Non-invasive Health Diagnostic


Complete health check with bioresonance scan and treatment – Bioresonance 7D-NLS analysis of the human body, therapy, remedy preparation, and nutrition suggestions.


  • 30min in-depth talk about your health, dietary habits, and goals.
  • Non-invasive diagnostic and treatment
  • Customized Wellness Plan
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Non Invasive Diagnostic
$200 per Session, $25 per follow up

2 hours before diagnostic
– No stimulants: coffee, tea, wine, etc.
– No medications

During Diagnostic
– All phones off. Wireless, Bluetooth off.
– You will be laying down on body work table.
– You will be taking slow, calm, deep, breathes with your eyes closed or focus on a dot on ceiling.
– Minimal talking, no conversation.

Additional information

Blood Type

A, B, O, AB, Unknown

Age Range

0 – 13, 13 – 25, 26 – 45, 46-65, 66+

Most Urgent Health Concern

Over weight, Skin Issues, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Heart Dis-ease, Cancer/Lupus/etc

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