5-Day Smoothie Cleanse


LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY! 16140 West 7 Mile Road, Detroit 48235

Order by Saturday, December 19th for a Sunday December 20th in-store pick-up!

Includes 10 smoothie kits.
* 5 lunch time smoothies:
Walnuts, Blueberry, Peach, Sea Moss.
* 5 dinner time smoothies:
Mango, Strawberry, Spinach, Apple, Ginger.




We’ve decided to join Lea of @litlivinglea in A Holistic Cleanse during Solstice Week, December 21st to December 25th. Join us!!
If you require assistance, we will be selling 5-day smoothie kits, 10 smoothies enough for 2 smoothies per day.
Just add the contents of the baggie into your blender, add enough liquid (nut milk, alkaline water, or coconut water, etc) to cover, blend, serve, and drink.
* Agave packets: $0.50 each
* Nut milks: $4 each
* Coconut or Aloe water: $3 each
* 1 smoothie kit: $5