Moor Herbs FYI,Moor News We do not cure or claim to cure anyone

We do not cure or claim to cure anyone

We do not cure or claim to cure anyone post thumbnail image

relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition.

While he was a great man who helped many, he did not know the meaning of the word cure. Basically, cure doesn’t mean that you are healthy or that the dis-ease is gone. It just means that you’ve just been preserved in your current state, virtually symptom free, less aware of your illness.

The modern day medical industry aims to CURE. Keeping you virtually symptom free, but still in a dis-eased state, dependent on pharmaceuticals to stay in this state. Where you’d then live the rest of your life, taking $$$ pharmaceuticals, which have side effects that include destroying your kidneys, liver, and overall health, toxifying your body and causing you to “need” more pharmaceutical medications. Passive income at it’s finest.

Here at Moor Herbs, we do not (claim to) cure, we help people reverse so-called incurable diseases, helping people get off of pharmaceutical medications, and simply IMPROVING public health in general. We do this by educating on proper diet regimes and providing healing modalities to help speed up and facility the healing and dis-ease reversal process, a process your body will naturally enters into under the right conditions.

We STAY in line with our mission to Uplift Fallen Humanity.

Peace & Love

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