Moor Herbs Eat To Live,FYI Daily Dietary Regimen

Daily Dietary Regimen

Did you know that a meat (flesh) base diet clogged up the arteries and blood vessels and a plant base diet is total opposite in opening the blood vessels and keeping the cholesterol levels low? In order for any of the Moorherbs “High Science Formulae” Detox’s to be effective, Our Moorish Science Herbalists recommend an all RAW foods diet for
the duration of a 21 day cycle raw food regiment challenge. Also known as the “Hebrew Dietary Laws” located within “The Bible” which can be found in chapter 11 of Leviticus, Deuteronomy 12-14, and Isaiah chapter 66 are chapters concerning what foods are fit to eat. Special emphasis is placed on Leviticus chapter 11.

*Visit look towards the left on the home screen for “KEY CONCEPTS” icon and click on  “Dietary Laws that Moors of Moorish Science Temple, The Divine and National Movement Of North America Inc; #13, The Moorish American National Republic follow” to learn more about the Hebrew Dietary Laws and the importance of taking your steps of transitioning to a more healthier lifestyle. Your true wealth is your health.

Raw foods are more cleansing and nourishing for the human body, as most raw food are alkaline in nature. We also recommend drinking only two kinds of water: alkaline water and distilled water. Of course these waters should be filtered or purified. Electrical alkaline and filtered water is ideal water to drink at least for the first two weeks as distilled water has a pulling effect on inorganic minerals and heavy metals.

Alkaline water is alkalizing and energizing and is the BEST water to drink during your cleanse. It causes the tissues to throw off toxins. Any water that is enhanced with oxygen (high pH) or ozone is even better.

*If your current domicile is with or near Wayne County, Detroit area Michigan State Republic, you can purchase or get your Alkaline Water refilled from The Water Station located on Woodward Avenue on the corner of Goldengate just south of 7 Mile Road.

Breakfast – “The word ‘breakfast’ is a combination of two words – ‘break’ and ‘fast’, hence “to break a fast.” Sleeping is a form of fasting, which is very healing to the body which explains why the body heals and regenerates itself during the night. After a fast, the first thing that should be introduced to the body is liquid, specifically water! Always start each day with at least two glasses of water (room temperature is preferred). If bottled, shake the water for a few seconds to reactivate it. Good water is moving water. After drinking water, the next ideal thing to consume would be fruit juice (fresh-squeezed is best). Fruit smoothies are ideal for breakfast and a great way to get added nutrients (i.e.
vitamins, minerals, protein) into the body when detoxing. The only non-liquid thing that should be eaten for breakfast is a whole, raw and organic fruit. Make sure you follow the rules for food (fruit) combining which you can learn about by visiting the following links online”: or

Lunch – “The word ‘lunch’ really means “a drink at noon.” The ideal lunch would be a vegetable juice cocktail consisting of your favorite vegetables – parsley, spinach, celery, beets, tomatoes (technically a fruit due to containing seeds), carrots, bell pepper, etc. To eat something whole at lunch, the ideal thing would be a big, green leafy salad. Use Romaine lettuce in place of the nutritionally undervalued iceberg lettuce. You can make your own salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil, organic apple cider, lemon juice, and sea salt (and any seasoning you prefer). Eat two salads if you have to. Eat until you are content”.

Snack – “A snack is a light meal. The word ‘snack’ originally meant ‘bite.’ A snack
suggests non-heavy eating, only a few bites of something. The ideal snacks would be nuts (i.e. almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, etc but not including peanuts which are too strenuous and hard on the digestive system), and seeds (i.e. sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, etc.) – raw and
unsalted of course (unless they contain sea salt). Dried fruit (unsulfured only), especially dates and figs, are also ideal snacks. Dehydrated products e.g. kale chips, dried fruit, etc. are also ideal snacks”.

Dinner – “The Western world is funny. What we call lunch should actually be called dinner. The word ‘dinner’ originally meant “morning meal.” The biggest meal of the day should be consumed in the late morning hour (between 11 a.m. and noon), not at night near bedtime. Eating a big meal before going to bed is hard on the stomach and intestines. This is why many
“Westernized” people sleep on their stomachs at night, which is an unnatural practice. Only carnivores in Nature sleep on their stomachs (as they eat meat). Vegetarian animals in Nature sleep on their backs or on their side. From time to time in Nature or the wild, even the carnivore will sometimes sleep on its back or side (to help ease their digestion). The ideal dinner would, should, and could be a repeat of your lunch selection. It is wise to eat light before retiring to bed”.

REMEMBER to drink plenty of water (preferably alkaline or distilled water) during your detox – at least eight glasses a day. To make sure you’re drinking the adequate amount of water, you can take your weight (lets say, for example – 150 pounds) and divide it in half (which would
be 75 pounds) and change the “pounds” to “ounces” (hence 75 ounces), and then you’ll be drinking half of your body size in water (mathematically speaking)”. Or note that the human adult body utilizes 2.5 liters of water daily so it’s vital that you at least replace the 2.5 liters of water which is simply a half of a gallon meaning a gallon of water should only last you two days.
You may also drink herbal tea during your detox.

Isaiah Orton-Bey, Deputy Sheik

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