Prostate Support

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Saw Palmetto, Hydrangea Root, Horsetail, Cleavers, Cayenne, Buchu, Pumpkin Seed, Gravel Root, Nettle, Uva Ursi, Couch grass, and Cranberry.Directions:
Take three (3) capsules daily. Take consistently for optimum benefit

Moor Herbs Prostate Support “High Science Formula” contains herbs that ensure optimal prostate gland health by nourishing, strengthening, reinvigorating, and toning the prostate gland. Some of the organic herbal blends in this formula are naturally high in zinc, which is a nutrient essential for optimal reproductive health. It is estimated that 3 mg of zinc is lost with every male ejaculation and most males are ignorant as how to replenish lost nutrients. Our Prostate Formula helps to maintain the health of the prostate gland by feeding it the food it requires.

Image of ProstateFACT: So called African American males suffer disproportionately from prostate disease. The incidence of prostate cancer, a potential etiology for prostatitis, is 274.3 per 100,000 so called African American men, while so called white men have an incidence of 171.2 per 100,000. For so called African American men under the age of 65, the incidence of prostate cancer is double that of so called whites. Mortality statistics are even worse: between 1997 and 2001 the death rate from prostate cancer for so called African American males was three times that for so called whites. – American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, Virtual Mentor. November 2006, Volume 8, Number 11: 748-751.

Trivia: The male prostate gland is the equivalent of the female uterus.

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