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    The Muqarrabeen Files are the results of a historical research quest that I took upon myself several decades age. Many of the documents appear just as they were presented to me i.e., old, yellow, cracked and, sometimes, faded. My reasoning? So that you, the reader, could see the data in the same manner as I did. This approach allows the reader to see just how or upon what, my conclusions were reached. If yon agree or disagree with my conclusion, just consider and remember, my conclusions are based upon my “findings”, personal experiences, background, academic advancements and height of spiritual consciousness. You will note that the sources from which much of this information has been obtained has also been included for the reader’s personal investigation. The Muqarrabeen Files are not designed to answer all your questions. But, rather, to give the reader a framework of facts and information that could lead to or allow the reader to arrive at the truth, It shows us what was i.e., those things/events that did take place and gives us some insight into the actions that brought about many of die decisions of the past, correct or incorrect as they may have been. This Special “Grand Governors Two Set Edition has been updated to include a number of current events. However, again, The Muqarrabeen Files is not designed to answer all of your questions. It is designed to make you think about some things; look at some things and to arrive at some answers regarding those things. It should be noted that I am not claiming to have any documents or information that is exclusive to me or my research team. By no means am I saying that! What I am saying and have said is that I have taken the time to research, gather and compile the information, putting it in a single package for easy referencing. I have attempted to be objective as possible in relating the information that I have uncover. Of course, as an active member of the organization under research, this can only be accomplished to a certain degree. For example, on the question of Noble Drew Ali’s prophet hood, my position is fixed: He is the Prophet and founder of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc., and he did coming to warn the nations of the earth of the great wrath which is sure to come upon the earth. That is a constant throughout my research that has not changed. Any thing beyond that is subject to question and if true and correct should be able to stand questioning.


    I pray that my work will be received in the true spirit of self examination, for as the Prophet Jesus taught the importance of this lesson in Chapter 15 of the Moorish Holy Koran. Thus, if man is called or instructed to find periods of self-examination, why shouldn’t an organization made of “men” do the same? May Allah, the Father of the Universe, Be forever pleased with our efforts to do that which is true and correct (right). May He, continue to Guide and Protect us, by Night and By Day, though His holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the Logos of 1886. Peace, The Author


    Preface Noble Drew Ali; The Man, The Prophet and his Mission Noble Drew All, a man who made his entrance into the world on the 8th day of January 1886, was an extraordinary individual, endowed with vision, purpose and love for humanity. At the age of 27 in 1913, he founded the Moorish Movement in America, later to be named: Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc., in Newark, New Jersey to uplift fallen humanity by returning the nationality, divine creed and culture to persons of Moorish descent in the Western Hemisphere. In succeeding years, Noble Drew Ali moved to Chicago, Illinois, organizing in 1925 as the Moorish Temple of Science. He later established a national headquarters and in November 1926, incorporated as a civic organization in the State of Illinois. This was later changed, on July 20, 1928, at a special meeting, to a religious corporation, known as the Moorish Science Temple of America, and registered in the Cook County Office of Records and Deeds, August 1, 1928. The purpose and goal of the Moorish movement were articulated by Noble Drew Ali in the September 14, 1928 edition of his national weekly publication “The Moorish Guide”, when he indicated that it was ” Building on human needs ” to Dispense charity and provide for the mutual assistance of its members in times of distress; Aid in the improvement of health and encourage the ownership of better homes; Find employment for members; and, Teach those fundamental principals which are desired for our civilization, such as obedience to law, loyalty to government, tolerance and unity. He further stated: ” We are friends and servants of humanity. We are dedicated to the purpose of elevating the moral, social and economic status of our people. We have set about to do this through a wide and comprehensive program embodying the principles of LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE ”

    To that end, in the pre-Depression years of the 1920’s, Noble Drew Ali worked with the Moorish-Americans to purchase the first Temple grounds in Chicago, Illinois during May 1926. At the Moorish-owned Unity Temple Hall, located in that city at 3140 Indiana Ave, site of the first Moorish National Convention from October 15-20, 1928, the Moorish and American flags were proud reminders of the dual heritage of our people. The restoration of the Moorish flag to the descendents of Africa in America by Noble Drew Ali was of special historic significance to the Moorish community and the world, for it took place in the United States during a time when the government of Morocco was in a state of subjugation to the French rule (1912-1955), and could not raise the red flag with the five pointed- green star in the center, on African soil. Additionally, this action evoked memories of the unique role and contributions of Moorish-Moroccan civilization to development of the American system. The first7

    nation in the world to recognize the continental government of the United States, Morocco signed the first international treaty with this country in 1787, at a time when Moorish descendants of Moroccans labored to help build the evolving American society. Inspired by the example of Noble Drew Ali, who founded the Moorish Manufacturing Corporation (which continues to produce remedies such as Moorish mineral and healing oil, antiseptic bath compound, and Moorish tea), his followers began to establish a variety of business enterprises, including restaurants, grocery and furniture stores, real estate firms, etc. When the Elks held their 29th Convention at Unity Hall in 1928, the Moorish Cafeteria Service was commended for being “… one of the most beautiful examples of unity and service ever witnessed…” Reporting on the Moorish Manufacturing Corporation in the September 14, 1928 edition of the MOORISH GUIDE, Noble Drew Ali commented,” In all of the various divisions of the factory, we have put on about 20 additional workers. This factory serves one of our main purposes because it gives employment to the members.” Noble Drew Ali was firm in stating,” We shall be secure in nothing until we have economic power. A beggar people cannot develop the highest in them, nor can they attain to a genuine enjoyment of the spirituality’s of life.” He successfully endorsed and supported the candidacy of then Chicago Committee man Oscar DePriest for the United States Congress in 1928. This endorsement came at the opening meeting of the Moorish Science Temple of America’s first annual National Convention, held in Chicago on October 16,1928. Despite the fact that many others were afraid to express their support openly for Mr. DePriest out of fear that his campaign would not be successful. Moorish residents of the first Congressional District of Illinois, members of the Chicago Temple, numbering 5000, were among his staunchest supporters. Long before the now-famous Civil Rights era, members of the Moorish Science Temple of America, under the leadership of Noble Drew Ali proudly cast their votes for Oscar Depriest, helping him to become the first person of African descent to serve in the U.S House of Representatives following the completion of the Honorable George White, Representative of North Carolina, term in 1901. Noble Drew Ali took part in a great parade celebrating the DePriest victory on Saturday, November 3, 1928. In one of the most spectacular occasions ever witnessed on the Southside of Chicago, thousands of automobiles formed an impressive caravan of citizens joining the forces in unity and love. The immense respect and admiration for Noble Drew Ali’s work was noted at the opening session of the Moorish Convention, when the dais of speakers included such distinguished city, state and national leaders as the Honorable Louis B. Anderson, Alderman, 2nd


    Ward (Chicago); Honorable Daniel M. Jackson, 2nd Ward Committeeman and Illinois Commerce Commissioner; Honorable Oscar DePriest (then a Republican Committeeman and Congressional candidate), Honorable Robert R. Jackson, Alderman, 3rd Ward; and Honorab

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