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    Longer and Stronger Erections for Men!

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    Ingredients: Epimedium (Horny Goat weed), Fenugreek seed, Beet root, Nutmeg, L-Arginine amino acid, Dobrudua, Kaempferia Parviflora (Black Ginger root), L-Citrulline amino acid, L-Lysine amino acid, Bois Bande, and Icariin extract.

    Best Time to Take: Mornings, before working out, and 45 minutes before sexual activity.

    Longer and Stronger Erections for Men!

    Our Moor Herbs “HIGH SCIENCE” Moor-Man Formulae is specially created and formulated so that every man can make sure he’s sexually on his A game and taking care of business in that department and keeping his woman/lover happy.

    Nitric Oxide acts both as a neurotransmitter in penile nerve fibers and as a vasodilator of smooth muscle cells of the penile arteries, as well as blood sinusoids, and the trabeculae, the internal surface of the fibrous envelope of the corpus cavernosum. The corpus cavernosum is one of a pair of sponge-like regions of erectile tissue which contains most of the blood in the penis during penile erection.

    This formulae compliments and works synergistically with all other male aphrodisiac formulaes’ we offer: ReErection, Erectile Circulation, 3 Wise Men, Credible Hulk and Rising Sun.

    Absolutely NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS like prescription drugs and gas station/market supplements (headache, dizziness, nosebleed, etc.).

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