• Magnesium Oil by Sole Connections


    Great for pain relief, muscle relaxing, and acne.

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    Is critical to all electrical, bio chemical functions occurring on a constant basis in the body. It contributes to the manufacture of energy, cardiovascular function and cellular reproduction. Strong bones, teeth, radiant skin, balanced hormones, healthy nervous system, and relaxed body and mind. Especially helpful to athletes and health advocates to restore the body quickly

    Use: We suggest adding 2 oz. or more to tub or foot bath in warm to hot water. A 30-minute soak is relaxing and supplies magnesium support to the entire body. Provides relief from daily stress, relieves sore muscles, soothes itching and irritation from insects, energizes used in A.M., foot rub improves sleep. Also, can be mixed 50/50 with another oil, (i.e. coconut) for after bath skincare. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

    From pristine condensed seawater naturally contains naturally occurring healthful ionic minerals and trace elements.
    CONTENTS – condensed seawater, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, boron, calcium, selenium and other trace elements. NO ADDITIVES.

    If you experience stinging sensation know that it is temporary and it will pass or simply dilute with water

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