• High Shungite Pyramid and Sphere on a stand set


    It is believed that shungite items of pyramid shape positively influence the human’s body and internal health. They can be a perfect tool for home protection against EMF. They can create a positive and protecting bio-field around themselves in the radius up to 5 meters and more. Placing the shungite pyramid at your working space or in the bedroom will contribute a lot to your health and well-being.

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    Comprehensive protection shungite set

    THE SET INCLUDES: 1 shungite high pyramid and 1 shungite sphere on a stand


    Hight Shungite pyramid:

    Size of bottom base: 50 * 50 mm (1.97x 1.97)

    Hight: 100 mm (3.93 inches)

    Weight: 290 grams (0.88 pounds)

    Polished or non-polished. You are welcome to choose.

    Sphere with a stand

    Diameter: 50 mm (1.97 inches)

    Weight: 230 grams (0.53 pounds)

    The sphere stand comes in different shapes.

    We ship the best available ones!

    Please, be advised that all pictures are for illustrative purposes only.


    Shungite sets are perfect for comprehensive EMF protection. They usually contain shaped items like pyramids or spheres that can be used for home, and jewelry or single shungite nugget for personal protection. It is a perfect way to protect against harmful electromagnetic radiation and negative energies, bring harmony and balance into your home and body.

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    Weight 44 oz