Pop-Ups Chef Terms

Terms and Conditions

Food Quality Standards for Retail foods and Pop-ups
  1. All food must be 100% plant-based.
  2. The following items are not allowed in foods:
    1. White flour
    2. White sugar
    3. White rice
    4. Anything bleached
    5. GMO foods
  3. Prices need to be competitive, no over charging.
Pop-up Facilities
  1. You will set up in the main area and be the first thing customers see as they enter the store.
  2. You set up on a 6 foot stainless steel buffet table, must be washed with soapy towel at end of shift.
  3. Two (2) electrical outlets and an extension cord are available.
  4. You can use all chafers and chaffing dishes, which can be found beneath the buffet table.  Everything must be WASHED THOROUGHLY!!  Inside and out, no wipe downs: soap, warm water, and sponge (no dirty kitchen towels should touch any of the equipment).  Sparkling and squeaky clean, inside AND OUT!  Nothing should feel moisturized or oily in any way.
Pop-up Specific standards
  1. Must serve food from 12:30pm until 5:30pm unless other arrangements have been made AHEAD of time.
  2. Arrive no later than 12:15pm.
  3. Come prepared to serve:
    1. ~ 30 plates: Tuesday and Thursday
    2. ~ 45 plates: Monday and Friday
  4. You must have an easy to read display of what’s being served and its ingredients.
  5. Gluten and soy free plates must be available. Not a side salad or a soup, but they need to be able to get a decent plate without those items in it.
    For example soy sausage could be cooked separate and placed on top of meal, giving folks the option of opting out of it… or something to that effect.
  6. Meal of the day should consist of:
    1. Raw greens
    2. Non-GMO grain and/or starch (optional)
    3. A full serving of Fruits/Vegetables!
  7. Pricing: Plates $12, Small plates $6, 12 oz or more soup w/ bread/crackers $6.
Food Overages
  1. If you have extra food at the end of the day, Moor Herbs might be willing to purchase it at a discount price, refrigerate it, and sell it at your retail price.
  2. If you do not have RETAIL ready packaging (food needs to be visible through the packaging and labeled), Moor Herbs will provide packaging and label with blanks for you to fill in, which include: Name, ingredients list, package date, sell by date, manufactured address. A $0.50 per item will be discounted from wholesale price.
Pricing for Pop-ups
  1. Hourly Rate: $12 per hour (usually 5 hours)
  2. Cleaning/Repair/Extras Deposit: $30
    A cleaning fee in the amount of Five Dollars ($5.00) per 15 minutes for the time required to clean and repair damages.  The cleaning/repair fee shall be deducted from $30 Cleaning/Repair/Extras Deposit.  The remaining balance will be refunded to you within 48 hours.
  3. Optional equipment and services
    1. chaffing dish gels: $1.25 each
    2. cashier service:
      1. $5 per hour
      2. 0.29% + $0.30 per credit card transaction
    3. bag, napkin, utensils: $.0.25 per set
Cancelling a pop-up date

If you need to cancel your pop-up, we need to know by the Friday preceding the pop-up date.

Losing Pop-up priviledges

The following will result in you no longer being allowed to pop-up at Moor Herbs:

  1. Failure pop-up on your scheduled pop-up date.
  2. Not following the food guidelines
  3. Showing up late 3+ times
  4. Infringing on our customers ability to comfortably shop at Moor Herbs
  5. Disrespecting the space with too much noise, clutter, and/or breaking property.
  6. Consistently leaving the space and/or equipment dirty
  7. Not paying pop-up fees

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