Pop-Up Sign-Up

  • Pop-up shops take place in our Wellness Center, 16132 West 7 Mile Rd
    • Sunday thru Friday 1pm to 5pm
    • Fees: $45 Tues, Wed, Thurs :: $90 Sun, Mon, Fri
    • You are free to sell and promote non-controlled items and services that you are licensed to make and sell.
  • Included in pricing is:
    • 6 foot buffet table
    • cash register
    • a seating area for customers
    • use of convection oven
    • Electricity
  • Food specific requirements:
    • Should be made in a registered facility.
    • 100% plant-based meals only.
    • The following items are not allowed in foods: White flour, White sugar, White rice, Anything bleached, GMO foods.
  • Served in non-toxic containers: no styrofoam, no aluminum. Bonus points for sustainable packaging. (I can help with this one)
  • Available add-on services: chafing gels, Togo containers, utensils, social media promotion, etc.
  • Cancelations must be made 10 days before the date of pop-up

Herbal Remedies, Alkaline Water, and Healthy Beauty Products