Sickle Cell

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Sickle Cell Anemia is a condition where red blood cells become sickle shaped and die quickly, causing one to have a low red blood cell count. This condition leads a to a host of uncomfortable, and sometimes deadly, symptoms.

Below is the regime we recommend to increase your hemoglobin and red blood cell count and to help alleviate the symptoms of sickle cell anemia.

  • Meso Copper
    Copper is an essential trace mineral that facilitates the activity of several enzymes. The mineral provides a role in the development and maintenance of the cardiovascular system, including the heart, arteries, and other blood vessels, the skeletal system, and the structure and function of the nervous system, including the brain.
  • Blood & Lymphatic
    This High Science formula detoxifies, nourishes, rebuilds, supports, and promotes the blood and lymph fluids of the body.
  • Chlorophyll Blend
    As condensed sun energy it is the world’s greatest body protector/healer. Chlorophyll converts the sun’s energy in the plant and is almost identical to human blood, hemoglobin.
  • Iron Blend
    contains herbs with high amounts of iron.
  • Multi-Vitamineral Extra Strength
    Consisting of plants providing a full spectrum of nutrition. 100% digestible, absorbable, and assimilable.
  • Vitamin-C
    Contains plants high in organic Vitamin C and is 100% digestible and absorbable in the body due to being an electrical food.
  • Antibiotic
We recommend consulting with either one of our in-house Moorish Healers or other natural healer, as well as to consult with your doctor before taking any herbal remedies.

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