This week at Moor Herbs

100% Plant-based meals for the week.

Plate prices:
Sunday (mac,greens,veggies,beans, bread) $15
Monday (pot pie,greens) $10
Tuesday (alfredo,vegetable salad, optional chixen) $12-15
Wednesday (lasagna,greens) $10
Thursday (rice, veggies, jackfruit) $12
Friday (something yummy) $10-12

CashApp $moorherbs (Moor Herbs) by 11am the day of meal to pre-order plate.

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Ingredients Baby greens Cucumber slices Strawberries Apples Scallions Bell peppers Sundried goji, golden, and mulberry Shredded carrots Dressing 1 Avocado 2 Seeded oranges Grapeseed oil Simply organic Garlic & Herb


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