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QUARANTINE and Online Ordering

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Greetings Everyone,

For those who don’t know we will we closed for the duration of the quarantine, which is scheduled to end on or around April 13th. Unless Uncle Sam says otherwise, we will be re-opening on Monday, April 13th at 12pm.

During this quarantine, we still be accepting online orders. Orders will be shipped out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you have an order that has not been shipped out yet, it will be shipped out this coming Tuesday March 31st.

Online orders can be placed by visiting us online at:

Some items that we recommend during this time are:
* Anti-Viral
* Immune Support
* Full Body Anti-biotic
* Mucus Release Xtra Strength
* Lungs and Respiratory

Stay sane, stay safe, and stay healthy Family!

Peace & Love,
Moor Herbs Family

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