Why Detox

Detoxification: is the act or process of removing poison or the effects of poison from (the body) [emphasis added]. “The magnificent human body is naturally constructed and designed to detoxify itself, if given the appropriate tools to work with. Today’s world is so fast-paced that
people don’t have or make the time to do annual or seasonal body cleansing, a process that was very common some 30-40 year ago. Remember how grandma used to give you castor oil, or some herbal-based concoction to drink, or perform an enema flush on you? That was grandma’s
way of detoxifying your body to keep you healthy. But times have changed, and unfortunately for the worst”.

“Detoxifying the human body is a very important and critical process that is a necessity living in today’s toxic world and climate consisting of polluted environment, chemical-laden household supplies and beauty products; highly acid-forming, denatured, processed foods diet;
home and work-related stress; constant bombardment of EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) and radiation (from cellular phones, TV, radio, computers, etc.); negative energies (racism, sexism, classism, etc.), airborne pathogens, chemical-laced municipal water supplies, poisonous vapors from gas station pumps, and the daily wearing of insalubrious “Westernized” fashion (tight, anti-circulation clothes: bras, panties and briefs, belts, high heel shoes, etc.) all contribute or play a crucial role in the toxification process of the human body, mind and soul.

*”Remember the most essential thing during your Moorherbs “High Science Formulae” Detox is obtaining and maintaining a positive and healthy attitude. If you fall off your detox regimen by eating something you should not have eaten, don’t give up! Get right back on track”! A Journey of a thousand miles start with a single step.

Exercise, deep breathing, yoga, stretching, steaming (sauna), heat therapy (FAR infrared sauna, reiki, anti-gravity exercise, Tai Chi, enemas, professional colonics, Tae Bo, strenuous exercise (working out at the gym), swimming, jogging (on dirt, grass, or sand only), cycling, deep tissue massage, etc. are essential during cleansing (detoxification). The best thing you can do after your 21-day cycle of Moorherb “High Science Formulae” Whole  Body Detox is to get a series of three colonics performed (the more the merrier).

In the Wayne County, Michigan area, moorherbs.com recommends Cheeks Colon Care, 19467 Livernois Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48221 (313) 862-1938 for colonics and (promoting wellness services and facilitating disease prevention education). Tell them Moorherbs sent you.

Isaiah Orton-Bey, Deputy Sheik