Employment Opportunities

Interested in joining our team?

Hustle. Care. Listening skills. Attention to detail! And a desire to Be and Make things great A MUST!!! Compensation is negotiable and based on position, performance, and the value you bring to the team.

View the available positions below and fill out the application form that can be found at the bottom of this page. Please, only submit an employment application if you are truly interested and available.

(full-time, Sunday – Thursday)

❏ Make smoothies
❏ Fill water bottles
❏ End of day clean-up

(full-time, Sunday – Thursday)

❏ Customer service
❏ Run cash register
❏ Stock shelves, first in first out.
❏ Break down and bundle boxes

(full-time, Sunday – Thursday)

❏ Blend and encapsulate herbs
❏ Manage lot numbers
❏ Fill orders
❏ Track inventory
❏ Produce Capsules
❏ Produce Herbalettes
❏ Produce Teas
❏ Produce Samples
❏ End of day clean-up

(2-3 days per week, flexible )

❏ Blend, package, and stock beauty products
❏ End of day clean-up

(2-3 days per week, flexible )

❏ Prepare, package, and stock: drinks, syrups, gels, grab-n-go food items.
❏ End of day clean-up

(full time, Sunday – Thursday)

❏ Engage and educate children (toys and materials provided) 
❏ Change diapers
❏ Feed children
❏ Clean up after children

(1 day per week, flexible )

❏ Clean all bathrooms
❏ Sweep and mop all floors
❏ Dust and clean all surfaces, including water machines, fridges, etc. 

Herbal Remedies, Alkaline Water, and Healthy Beauty Products