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Chrishara Wilkes of Charmed Noir

This picture is of Chrishara Wilkes, half of Charmed NOIR.

In her twenties after giving birth to both her children she was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called lupus. This led this mother on a journey of inner work of healing on the deepest level possible for herself and her children. Being on the edge of death can cause some people to be swallowed up by victim hood but this made Chrishara find the warrior within. She went from a life of blaming others, feeling doubtful about her purpose and direction in life; to being enriched with unshakable faith in her self, her ancestors, and the Creator. How did she do this? By learning how to honestly, and unconditionally nurture herself back to health by addressing every aspect of her life that wasn’t in alignment with the woman she envisioned herself to be. A woman of integrity. That means really walking what she’s talking. From changing her diet, healing broken relationships, ending toxic relationships, owning her toxic traits and shadow behavior, stoping addictions, being mindful of sexual behavior and energy, studying herself through astrology and numerology and other healing modalities and finding accountable teachers that required her to learn and teach with integrity. The most important teacher is one of her ancestors who guided her intuitively every step of the way.

Honor the women in your life with either a spiritual cleanse, an astrology reading or mindfulness course to learn tools to heal childhood trauma and break generational curses. The best part about Chrishara healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually is you see it in her children. The role of a mother is a child’s first teacher. One of the most important roles we forget is that mothers teach their children how they deserve to be loved. By learning how love is an action. We take action to display real love to ourselves and others. Rather, action in changing unhealthy behavior or having honest conversations these are examples that are forms of self care that lead to a healthier more peaceful and enjoyable life. Chrishara and Charmed NOIR looks forward to working with you.

Her services include but are not limited to:
Astrology Tarot Medium Reading
Spiritual Cleanse